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If you find a bug, please contact us.
If you have suggestions for additional enhancements, we’ll do our best to oblige on a timely basis.

Minor enhancements in 2015:

  • On the view Crew and Skipper list pages, added last date updated to output.

Major enhancement released in January, 2015:

  • The ability to self-serve edit your listing on Crew of Skipper lists.
  • The ability to indicate multiple preferred sailing regions.
  • The ability to upload an (optional) photo (300x300px) to accompany your Crew or Skipper listing.
  • Addition of Members’ forums, which cover member-contributions such as races/regattas, buy/sell, etc. Registration required.
  • Addition of weather widgets.
  • Addition of a social sharing bar which will enable you to tell friends about
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